Upgrade your gifting game this festive season with an assorted sweet hamper

The season of festivity has arrived with unending celebrations until the end of December. During the upcoming months, you will witness local markets and malls bustling with sparkling gifts and attractive offers. But no matter how much you love to shop, choosing the best presents for your loved ones becomes a daunting task. And with all those confusions, you are left with only one option, “Mithhai ka Dibba”. Of course, mithai is loved by everyone but how about you add a personal touch to your gifting plans this festive season with a lovely modern twist?


Specially curated gift hampers leave more than just a smile on the face of the receiver. It gives them a memory full of surprises because everyone expects a traditional mithai only. So, instead of traditional mithai, surprise your family and friends with a selected bunch of cookies, cakes, and chocolates, specially made for them.


Dose up your gift with sweet chocolates

Slowly but gradually, people are switching towards non-traditional gifting options. And Chocolates are leading this festive bandwagon. Surely, chocolates are an everyday snack but to make this gift special, you can try flavoured chocolates such as chocolate almonds, chocolate cashew and others. Apart from these, professional chocolatiers prepare this delicacy in various cute shapes like teddy bear and hearts.


Add some cookie crunch to festivity

Trade-in your go-to box of kaju katli with the crunchy goodness of cookies. Traditionally known as naan khatai, this baked good is getting its original name by becoming a premium gifting option. And as the popularity of cookies is increasing, they are coming in varied flavours such as coconut cookies, honey and oats cookies, jam cookies, and nutella cookies. Moreover, you can add a healthy touch to your gift hamper with healthier wheat cookies. These cookies are made with the finest sugar and whole wheat which adds pleasure to the snacking time without a pang of guilt.


A rich add-on – Jar cake
A jar cake bottles up the charm that no one can resist taking a spoonful of. And this very charm has made this unique dessert a talk of the town in the last couple of years. Whether red velvet jar cake or an oreo jar cake, everyone loves this sweet delicacy. Moreover, we as a premium baking boutique provide these jar cakes in different sizes to add in your gift basket.



Add a unique touch with chocolate bark
If you are looking for something other than a simple chocolate bar for a gift, you should try chocolate bark. Basically, chocolate bark is a thin layer of chocolate topped with dry fruits ranging from almonds, raisins, and sometimes with oreo biscuit’s crunch. This simple yet intriguing combination of chocolate and other ingredients are loved by kids and adults both.

Lastly, you can give an ethnic touch to assorted baked goods with a traditional package or a handy basket. There are many options like colourful threads or silk ribbons to tie bags, a handwritten greeting message, glass jars, diyas, candles and many more based on the occasion.

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